"Pawstruk Lotus"
Photo by SKiley/courtesy of Pawstruk


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Genetta cats are a new dwarf breed that is being developed to resemble the small or large spotted African genet. The Genetta Cat was founded and named by Shannon Kiley with the idea to develop a cat that looked like an African genet for the exotic enthusiasts who either cannot own a genet or want a more docile animal with the look of a genet. The first litter of Genettas was born Dec. 13, 2006 at Pawstruk Cattery.


"Kibwana" (African Genet)
Photo courtesy Chip Winfrey

The Genetta is a short-legged cat with an exotic spotted or marbled coat and can come in brown/black, silver, or snow colors. Genettas can be either short legged (standard) or long legged (non-standard) and both can be born in the same litter. The dwarfism gene causing the short legs is a dominant gene, meaning that at least one parent must carry the gene and any cat that is short legged carries the dwarfism gene.


"Pawstruk Secret Admirer" (left top/bottom),
"Pawstruk Miata", and "Pawstruk It's Top Secret"
Photos by SKiley/courtesy of Pawstruk
Breeds being used to create Genettas include munchkin, bengals, savannahs, oriental shorthairs, and domestic shorthairs. The ideal coat should be smooth and pelt-like with a striking spotted or marbled pattern. The tail should be long and exaggerated with rings. The personality of the Genetta should be playful, sweet, cuddly, and constantly seeking human attention. Many of them also like to play in water and even the short legged Genettas can jump up on the couch, bed, or chairs.




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